7 ways to positively impact employers through social media


A staggering 45% of employers admit to checking job applicants’ social media profiles before making an employment decision. Employers are also willing to dismiss any potential candidates based on any perceived negative attributes that candidate may have on their social media profile. Social media makes it very accessible to view people’s profiles and discover their networks. It is here to stay and is becoming more influential in the recruitment process. In light of this we have developed 7 ways to make your social profile work for you.  


1: Profile picture - First impressions are vital for making a lasting impression which can either enhance or hinder your job search. Your profile picture is your first touchpoint with any potential networks or employers so it is essential that you make it work for you, not against you. Treat your profile picture like your personal brand by making it professional, clear, focused, and ensure it represents who you are. For a more detailed analysis of profile pictures please see our article First Impressions on Social Media are Vital


2: Security settings - Social media has both professional and personal uses which can cause many dilemmas on how to use it and what is acceptable to post. Adjusting your security settings can often help with this dilemma by knowing who can and can’t see your social media profile. Some aspects cannot be controlled such as your Facebook profile picture which can be viewed by anyone. Be wary of your current settings and update them regularly so you know what potential employers will see when they search you.


3: Who are you? Often social media profiles are not a complete representation of who you are which can be confusing or deceptive to potential employers. It is essential that your LinkedIn profile for example matches your resume to ensure consistency and its effectiveness when employers recall you and your qualifications. Use your achievements and accomplishments to convey a positive and confident profile which can enhance your personal brand.


4: Tell your story - What you post or share on social media gives a good impression of your personal attributes and your values. Any good human resources department will hire people based on their personal values and how well they align with the values of their organisation. Use discretion when posting about relevant industry news, your political views or even your stance on a social issue. It is important to be yourself but there is always a time and place to do so.


5: Social connectedness - The integration of social media platforms has made it easier for people to connect with each other in a variety of ways. Your Facebook page for example might share a video on your YouTube channel allowing people to view and connect with you across platforms. It is important to remain as consistent as possible across social platforms when displaying information about yourself. This can be difficult when each platform is unique and used for different purposes. Employers want to know who you are when they come searching for you so make it easy for them to understand who you are.


6: Social media reach - A staggering 45% of employers admitted to checking out candidate’s social media profiles according to CareerSavvy.co.uk. Companies also monitor the social media activity of current employees in accordance with their own social media policies. The presence of social media in the workplace continues to grow both at the company level and the employee level. This increase in presence highlights the importance of social media when actively searching in the job market, it also opens up access to more job opportunities.


7: Creating a positive footprint - A positive social media profile will not get you a job on its own, but a negative social media profile may prevent you from getting an interview and landing that job. Refresh your personal details and your security settings regularly to project the right depiction of yourself. Place yourself in the shoes of an employer to see whether you would hire yourself based on what you find on your social media pages. Social media can be used to enhance your presence and get noticed when networking so use it to your advantage.