8 job search setbacks to watch out for in 2016


Looking for work can be very frustrating and it is sometimes difficult to overcome any setbacks which are faced along the way. It is important to remember that these setbacks are a part of the job search process and should not hinder your job plans and aspirations. Understanding potential setbacks, along with determination, endurance and perseverance will lead to success in your job search. Here are 8 setbacks which we have identified for 2016 as being a common part of the job search process.


1. No response from employers:

You've worked hard on your resume but employers are simply not making contact. This can be very frustrating, but try not to take it personally. Keep at it! Think about how to make your resume stand out from the pile while still looking professional, and always tailor your resume to the job you're applying for. If you are still waiting for a response it may be time for you to contact them in person.


2. Procrastination:

It is easy to say that you'll get around to it tomorrow, we all do it. But it can be a huge obstacle in your job search. Write down your plans and do what you need to do each day. Be realistic and don't try to do everthing at once. Plan each step, write it down and tick it off - you'll feel more productive and better about things when you achieve your goals on a regular basis.


3. Online job searching not working:

Online job opportunities in your job search are becoming more and more prominent and should definitely not be ignored. Websites, social media and career blogs are all valuable avenues. However, don't limit yourself to this single method. Employers will generally remember those they meet face-to-face rather than online.


4. Too many people applying for the same job:

If it feels like a competitive job market, that's because it is. Remember that there are positions that aren't advertised - this is called the 'hidden job market'. Don't exclusively chase posted jobs, go after positions and companies you would like to work for. Making contact with a desired employer can prove to be fruitful.


5. Job search is more difficult than expected:

Most people are shocked at how difficult the job search process can be and it's easy to feel like you are one job seeker out of thousands. Consider how you might stand out. What makes you different from other job seekers? Use this to your advantage to set yourself out from the crowd and talk yourself up. Put yourself in the shoes of the employer to consider how you will stand out.


6. Not meeting the right people:

Effective job searching is about networking. It's really true what they say - it's about who you know. So get out there, stay social and active, join clubs and associations. There are plenty of informal channels where you can 'bump into' the right people. Think outside of the box, and don't underestimate the value of volunteering.


7. Not qualified for positions:

Whether you are under-qualified or over-qualified this is a big stumbling block unless you tackle it head on. Maybe you need extra training for a position? If you are over-qualified, focus on your skills and accomplishments rather than position titles. 


8. Lost confidence:

Do you find yourself ignoring your job search? You may have lost confidence - it happens, a lot. Try these confidence building techniques: focus on solutions, smile, exercise, stay social and make a list of your strengths. Set small goals in the job search and achieve them, you'll regain that confidence in no time.


It is well understood that searching for a job can throw up some very difficult challenges to overcome. These setbacks are a part of the job search process and understanding them will help you regroup and bounce back to achieve your ultimate job success. Good luck in your job search.


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(content adapted from Workopolis.com)