All smiles for Kyle's TtW success


Meet Kyle. 

This photo was taken after his first day of work at his new job in Narrabri. Kyle bumped into his consultant Erin at Coles Supermarket - and couldn't wait to tell her how good it was!


Kyle is an early school leaver, which means he left school before completing Year 10. Kyle received support for some time from Joblink Plus as he found it difficult to find and keep sustainable employment. In April 2016, Kyle was referred to Transition to Work (TtW), a new employment service specifically designed to help young people aged 15-21 years make the move from school into work or training.


After getting to know Kyle his consultant Erin knew that he just wanted to work. So that's what they focused on. Erin provided Kyle with the autonomy to take ownership of his own job search and provide him with coaching along the way, building his confidence, challenging him to keep going, and cheering him on at any opportunity. With the support of Erin, Kyle took the initiative to start visiting local employers in person which started to increase his confidence and communication skills. After approaching a few employers Kyle was willing to continue on more visits despite some employers not having positions currently available.


Marketing himself to employers like this was a first for Kyle, and evidence of how hard he had worked on his presentation skills. It paid off! Kyle was offered a trial on the spot after really impressing one employer. Kyle accepted the trial and was offered paid employment soon after, which produced that smile on his face!  


Erin believes that Joblink Plus' delivery of TtW gives control back to young people who are looking for work. TtW asks them to make positive choices and look at options with fresh eyes.


"I knew that with encouragement and support, Kyle would be a good employee for pretty much anyone," says Erin. "To see him going after work like that, when he first had so little confidence... it's why I do this job. Kyle's life is changed, his future is changed."