Amy's Real Estate Dream


It was an exciting build up to Christmas for Amy at Real Estate Solutions Tamworth. Amy was awaiting exchange on what was her first sale as a sales agent during the festive season. She was also expecting an imminent offer on another property at the same time as everything came together at once. She is now very excited for the prospects in 2016 with her first sales behind her.


Amy is very grateful for the opportunity she has been given at Real Estate Solutions Tamworth because it can be a very difficult industry to break into. It had been a dream of hers to become a real estate agent and develop her own property portfolio. Before Amy secured her job she had put in a lot of job searching herself and got her resume out there but unfortunately was unsuccessful in her initial search. Although Amy had put much of the effort in off her own back she claims that "without the support of Victoria [from Joblink Plus] I probably couldn't have done it." Amy has now been at Real Estate Solutions for over 6 months.


Victoria from Joblink Plus has been amazed by Amy and said "when I first met Amy I was impressed by her friendly honest manner and motivation. She had already completed her real estate course and was working casually and juggling being a single parent. I have found Amy to be truly inspiring and have seen her grow in confidence with the support of her employer Merridee Watson. This is a name to watch out for in the real estate industry."


Amy's story shows how determination and a willingness to succeed can allow you to accomplish great things. Sometimes you need the help of an employer like Real Estate Solutions Tamworth and the support of someone like Victoria at Joblink Plus to provide you opportunity and help along the way.