Campbell's Customer Service Dream


Campbell finished High School at the end of 2015 in Tamworth. At the beginning of 2016 Campbell came to Joblink Plus in the NSW Transition to Work program which is designed to help young people with a disability gain employment after leaving school.


Campbell was already working at KFC West Tamworth on the casual call roster. With persistence and the help of Rochelle and Angela at Joblink Plus, Campbell secured a rostered shift on a weekly basis. Campbell's manager Stephen said that he is one of his most dependable staff members, and he is always willing to complete tasks which are asked of him. Recently, Campbell has been called in for extra work and often works two shifts per week, which he is extremely happy with.


With the help of Rochelle and Angela, Campbell identified a role in customer service as his ideal job because he loves talking and interacting with people. Campbell began to approach more hospitality employers to gain more experience to compliment his job at KFC. Rochelle helped coach and support him through the learning process. As his communication skills and confidence grew, Campbell started approaching employers independently. This opened up many opportunities for Campbell and he was rewarded with a job at a local cafe! In the new position Campbell has learned point of sale skills, handles the cash register, and most importantly gets to do what he loves - customer service.


Campbell continues to develop his skills and gain valuable experience which will help him into a forward facing customer service role. Rochelle at Joblink Plus is impressed but not surprised by the willingness of Campbell to take on new challenges and learning opportunities as he works towards his dream.