Finding Work on the Land


Nathan had been working in Sydney at a couple of different jobs before moving back to Dubbo to live with his parents for a bit. A Wiradjuri country boy at heart, Nathan first walked into Joblink Plus dressed in boots and hat - a job on the land would suit him perfectly. Joblink Plus consultant Jan knew that Merriman Shearing School in Brewarrina were currently enrolling but the time-frames would be tight. The school offers a 16 week training to employment programme to prepare young indigenous people for work in the wool industry, which was ideal for Nathan.


Jan helped Nathan complete the application forms and contacted John at Merriman directly to advocate for Nathan but was advised that all positions had been filled. Nathan and Jan were persistent in their efforts and a few weeks later a spot had opened up in the program providing Nathan with a fantastic opportunity.


At the end of the first 3 weeks in the pre-employment training John confirmed that he had no doubts that Nathan would be offered a job in paid work. John said that "Nathan is firing on all cylinders, doing really well, [and is] very happy with his progress". The Shearing School supervisor has commented to Jan that Nathan's initiative has been noticed after completing extra jobs without being asked. Finally, Nathan is very happy and his parents are really pleased, "Nathan is very happy and is talking often about the future".