International Women's Day


On Tuesday 8 March 2016 Joblink Plus Tamworth took time out to celebrate the social, economic, cultural and political achievement of women. Along with millions of others across the globe, we looked back on how far we've come, and how much remains to be achieved. Workplace equity is an issue we care deeply about at Joblink Plus, and our CEO Christine Shewry reminded us that it was only a generation ago that women were actively excluded from the workforce because of their children or spouse. Two generations ago we were fighting for the right to vote. 


Today, for many of us, the challenges may be more nuanced, and the bias we hold and face may be unconscious. However, the goal of gender parity remains elusive for billions of women without access to representation, reproductive autonomy, adequate healthcare and vital education (to name just a few issues). 


Why International Women's Day?

Maybe we need 66 days, one for every extra day a woman has to work before she can equal the annual salary of an equivalent full-time working man. Or 79 days, representing the number of women who were killed in Australia due to an act of violence in 2015. Or 24 days, one for each of the ASX 200 companies that still do not have a single woman on their board. Or 34 days, one for every year we'll have to wait before reaching something that resembles workplace equality in 2050.
Or perhaps just 183 days, half of the 366 days on offer this leap year. Representing true equality between men and women.


THANK YOU to our staff and our community for your support today, and every day, as we continue to work toward gender equality.