Kids @ Work


On Friday 15 July, Joblink Plus hosted a company-wide Kids @ Work day coinciding with the last day of school holidays and Youth World Skills Day. Each site adopted a 'Christmas in July' theme, welcoming in children of all ages to see where their parents, family and older friends work.


According to the United Nations young people are almost three times more likely to be unemployed than adults and continuously exposed to lower quality of jobs, greater labour market inequalities, and longer and more insecure school-to-work transitions. One reason for youth unemployment is structural unemployment, a mismatch between the skills that workers in the economy can offer and the skills demanded of workers by employers.

Joblink Plus CEO Christine Shewry explains: “Welcoming children and young people into our workplaces not only introduces children to what the adults in their lives do all day but also shows them what kind of skills are needed in today’s workplaces.” 


“Throughout nearly all of their childhood and teen years children are segregated from adults in day care, school, sports, and other activities. If they’re restricted to the company of the same-age all the time they miss out on the benefits of being part of a larger, diverse community.”


Ms Shewry says that separating young from old is a very modern phenomenon. “In the past, children learned right alongside people of all ages as they gathered food, built shelters, and performed every other skill necessary to sustain a community. Survival skills of course, but behavioural and emotional skills as well.”


Below are photos from our offices in Broken Hill, Charlestown, Kurri Kurri, Maitland, Narrabri, Tamworth, Singleton, Warren and Wellington.



On the day we discovered some very talented artists in our Cowra and Toronto offices.



In Wallsend the staff and kids were still embracing NAIDOC Week and also getting artistic with some hand paintings of their own for display in the office.



In Tamworth we had Barry Smith from the Northern Daily Leader visit to capture the latest "Board meeting" below.