Kim's Work Placement Success


Kim Nguyen was unable to find work after completing her Psychology degree, Kim was placed with Lifeline for her Work for the Dole activity in the Hunter. The skills and experience that Kim gained at Lifeline during her placement proved to be very valuable when she applied for sustainable employment. Kim is highly regarded by the staff at the Lifeline head office in the Hunter who gave her a very impressive reference when she applied for a job with State Super in Wollongong. With the continued support of Joblink Plus and with the assistance of fuel vouchers Kim was able to secure a job with State Super after impressing in her interview.


"My experience with Lifeline provided me with an opportunity to stand above many other applicants with all my new capabilities, especially in phone support and customer service," said Kim. Kim commenced with State Super in December 2015 and is very happy in her new role which was made possible by the experience she gained at Lifeline under the Work for the Dole programme.