Totem Pole project for learning, growth and creativity


Transition to Work participants in Tamworth have been involved in a fantastic project designing, connecting with, and creating Totem Poles to help build valuable foundation skills. Transition to Work is specifically designed to help young people move from school into work or training.


The Totem Pole project aimed to develop foundation skills and create positive behaviours through accredited and non-accredited training. By engaging in a group project such as a large scale Totem display with a focus on learning and celebrating Indigenous culture, the participants have developed employability skills such as team work, communication and self-awareness.


Jodie from Joblink Plus has been a valued mentor for the participants and has been impressed by their response, saying "The project has helped the participants develop positive new behaviours which will benefit them both personally and assist them into work."


The project has successfully re-engaged many of the participants and addressed many areas of work readiness which will help participants move back into work or further training, these include:

  • Motivation
  • Change
  • Strengths, talents and interests
  • The benefits of work
  • Communication
  • Presentation and body language
  • Ambition and goals

The project has produced fantastic outcomes with each individual moving forward in their employment / training options. Four participants have enrolled in training, two have gained employment and one has secured work experience. Two remaining members are now involved in another community program being hosted by Joblink Plus.


The impact this course has had on the participants was made evident when one of the participants who is only seventeen, and has been drug dependant since twelve, said "If it wasn't for this course I would not be here. I have learnt so much about myself and I couldn't wait for the two days to come around each week as it gave me a purpose. Something that had been missing in my life. I have never had anyone support me as much as Jodie and my Joblink Plus consultant has, and this has made me want to change my life. I want to get off the drugs and get a job, so I can be a good father."