Youth Jobs PaTH


The Federal Government announced in the 2016 budget a new initiative aimed at helping young vulnerable people into jobs. Youth Jobs PaTH (Prepare, Trial, Hire) is part of the Federal Government's national economic plan for jobs and growth in a stronger diversified economy. The innovative initiative is still pending approval for implementation.


The Programme will consist of 6 weeks intensive job readiness training (Prepare), 4-12 weeks on the job internship placement (Trial), and offer incentives for employers willing to hire a job seeker after the trial period (Hire). The job internship will provide the job seeker with $200 per fortnight in addition to income support, and $1,000 to the host business.


"The Government's innovative $752 million Youth Jobs PaTH (Prepare-Trial-Hire) Programme will help young job seekers to move off welfare and into employment" (


Joblink Plus currently deliver programs to prepare people for work and are well positioned to deliver Youth Jobs PaTH pending its implementation. For any further information on how Joblink Plus can help you please contact 1800 695 625.