Joblink Plus has implemented a Reconciliation Action Plan. Joblink Plus has developed trusted and valued relationships with Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders and organisations in many of our communities over many years. We will implement our RAP to extend our leadership and employment outcomes across our footprint. A pillar of the Joblink Plus RAP is our Indigenous Employment Strategy. Joblink Plus has is committed to building on its existing foundation in this area of Indigenous Employment. Through the strong commitment and cooperation of all parts of the organisation, our 2015–2020 Indigenous Employment Strategy is designed to further develop our success in Indigenous employment through higher levels of Indigenous employee participation, stronger results in the retention of Indigenous staff, and the provision of professional development opportunities.


Joblink Plus acknowledges the Traditional Custodians of the land upon which its offices are located. We encourage our staff to acknowledge our Indigenous communities at the start of public events and events of significance. Despite increases in the representation of Indigenous people in our workplaces, Indigenous people are under-represented as employees.


On this basis, the guiding principle for Human Resources is that Indigenous staffing should be increased at all appointment levels and be closely integrated with Traineeship opportunities.



Joblink Plus has an Inclusion Plan that promotes our offices as welcoming, supportive and accessible spaces for people from diverse backgrounds, including diversity relating to sex, gender, religion, ethnicity, culture and ability. Our Inclusion plan incorporates a Recovery Integration Plan. With support from the New England Partners in Recovery Program and Flourish Australia, we are committed to creating a more inclusive workplace for people living with mental illness and/or experiencing mental un-wellness. By implementing a Recovery Integration Plan Joblink Plus commits to

  • promoting a culture and language of hope and optimism
  • putting people first and having a holistic approach
  • supporting personal recovery
  • promoting and implementing organisational commitment and workforce development
  • taking action on social inclusion and the social determinants of health, mental health and well-being.

Quality & Continuous Improvement


Joblink Plus has in place systems that are designed to identify and manage risks and ensure that our quality management system is based on continuous improvement. Continuous improvement is about increasing the effectiveness and efficiency of our organisation to fulfil its purpose.  Improvement in business strategy, performance, community, employer and other relationships are all subject to continual improvement. The process unfolds progressively, does not have a fixed or predetermined end point, and is sustained over extended periods of time.

Put simply, it means ‘getting better all the time’. The full policy can be made available on request by emailing [email protected]

Environmental Commitment


Joblink Plus is committed to making our operations more sustainable and reducing the impact on the environment. To achieve this we will continue to implement and maintain an Integrated Business Management System which is based on ISO 9001(Quality Management Systems) and ISO14001 (Environmental Management Systems). Joblink Plus will maintain external certification to these standards as evidence of our ongoing commitment. We operate with an Environment Policy, the purpose of which is "to integrate environmental management in our everyday operations, improve our environmental efficiency and reduce our footprint on the environment in which we operate". The full policy can be made available on request by emailing [email protected]

In addition, we will implement the following practices:

  • Monitor and comply with all relevant environmental laws and relevant standards and practices
  • Effectively manage our energy use
  • Investing in energy efficient technologies where cost effective
  • Effectively manage water consumption
  • Minimise waste through recycling and efficient use of resources
  • Ensure the spaces we occupy are designed, occupied and operated with the objective of sound environmental management practices
  • Manage our activities to prevent or minimise pollution and impacts on visual amenity, air, water, land, flora, fauna and cultural and heritage values.

Disability Services 


Our Disability Services Policy underpins the provision of training and employment services to people with a disability across Joblink Plus operations. The Joblink Plus Disability Services Policy has been developed in accordance with the National Standards for Disability Services and will continue to evolve through continuous improvement to ensure our services remain relevant to key stakeholders, compliant with all relevant legislation and are high quality.



For further information regarding policies, procedures or other information on this page, please contact Joblink Plus at [email protected]