Joblink Plus to expand



The Joblink Plus team are celebrating after being awarded a 5 year contract by the Department of Employment today. In addition to confirmation that existing business will be retained, Joblink Plus will expand into the Central West area and out to Broken Hill. This represents an increase in business of approximately 43 per cent. The Joblink Plus footprint will now cover around 60 per cent of NSW and include full time offices in locations such as Parkes, Orange, Lithgow and Bathurst.  


Joblink Plus Chief Executive Officer Christine Shewry, said staff across the organisation had worked incredibly hard as a team and were buzzing with excitement when they were given the news this morning.


“Our team are passionate about what they do. They are consistently reaching and exceeding their goal of placing Job Seekers into sustainable employment, and performing to the highest standard. I believe it is their great teamwork that has led to this success,” Ms Shewry said.


Ms Shewry said the results of the tender process are not only exceptional for Joblink Plus staff, but also the communities in which we work.

“This is a vote of confidence from the government in us as an organisation. The industry is well-critiqued and so it should be – accountability is crucial. Amidst the criticism are the good news stories that those of us in the industry encounter every day. To link someone with a job for the first time, or the first time in a long time, has an incredible ripple effect on communities and local economies. We are very pleased to have the opportunity to partner with more Families, Employers and Communities in the coming years.” Ms Shewry said.