Linking Locals

Joblink Plus links individuals, families, business and communities with employment and opportunity.

In 2014 we linked over 5000 people to work. 


When you've been in a relationship for over 30 years and you really listen, you get to know what's needed. We're always learning, but at Joblink Plus we've figured out a few things.



By adding value to communities, small, medium and large businesses can create a legacy. Growing your business so that you can employ people is an incredibly great return on investment. In 2014 we worked with over 1900 different Employers, which placed more than 5,000 people into work. In turn this had a positive economic impact of around $128 million—that’s great for business and community. 



Looking for a job, then keeping it, can be harder if your family is going through a rough time. It can feel overwhelming. Sometimes you just need a helping hand. Joblink Plus links people to counselling services, financial advice, child care and much more.  A community that cares for each other and looks out for those who are doing it tough is one that we want to be part of. Because if families are strong, communities are strong, and solutions come more easily.



Surveys and feedback from Employers all say the same thing—they need people who are ready to work. It's not so much about qualifications, but attitude and willingness. Joblink Plus put over 1000 people through Work Skills training in 2014 and linked those people to a job. We are champions of traineeships and apprenticeships, and giving Employers ongoing support to have skilled staff. You can expect more of this from us in the future.



Joblink Plus links young people with opportunities to work, build skills, learn a trade, and gain access to a better future. In 2014 we worked extensively with 16—24 year olds, placing 1,867 into jobs and another 1,134 into Education. In schools and after-school programs, young people learn they can make a change and get a fresh start. And that’s just the opportunity most of us are looking for. 



Having secure and ongoing employment contributes to feeling good—about yourself, and about life. It’s more than a pay packet. It’s the opportunity to make your own future. In 2014 we linked more than 5000 people with a job, which impacts local economies and communities in not always obvious ways. Like making it possible for people to get experience in local projects in industries that need workers. They gain independence, and that’s good for the community. 


Our goal from March 9 to May 9 is to place 1000 people in a new job. Be part of linking locals! If you need a job or can offer one, contact your local Joblink office on 1800myjoblink today. You can also download a selection of our campaign images here.


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