Transition to Work (ADHC)


The Transition to Work Program (TTW) is a two year funded program through ADHC which achieves employment for young people with disability. The program develops a person’s skills and/or qualifications needed to successfully secure and sustain employment. The Program provides services to young people with a range of support needs, but is primarily targeted to young people with moderate to high needs. TTW is a separate program to Commonwealth Government programs and is available to eligible young people unable to immediately access Commonwealth programs when they leave school due to higher support needs. Young people attend TTW for 18 hours (or three days) each week, 48 weeks per year. Many school leavers with disability will go directly to employment, vocational educational and training, or higher education. State and Commonwealth Governments provide a range of services that assist individuals with disability, such as Disability Employment Services (DES) and Australian Disability Enterprises (ADE)Transition to Work is not available to school leavers who are accessing Commonwealth Government employment programs or those who are assessed as being able to do so.


TTW is an ‘approved activity’ for some activity tested job seekers receiving Youth Allowance. This means that young people who are accessing the Transition to Work Program do not have to exit the program and register with a DES provider to qualify for Youth Allowance. For more information visit


Transition to Work focuses on employment, and delivers training in a work environment whenever possible.

Joblink Plus responds to changing work needs and has a person-centred approach. Young people direct their Transition to Employment Plans and are involved in all aspects of designing a plan they can own and invest in.

We assist in building independence. TTW includes support to perform daily tasks and maintain active involvement in the community. This support is focused on building capacity to sustain work through increased independence.

We respect Indigenous people. The needs and aspirations of Australia's First Nations are valued and considered in all planning.

We value cultural, linguistic and religious diversity and the needs of individuals of all backgrounds are respected.

Joblink Plus is responsive to the needs of people living in rural, regional and remote areas. We are always building partnerships based on shared values; our strong relationships with business and other agencies enables us to readily identify work related opportunities for young people with disability.

Who is the Transition to Work Program for?

TTW is for young people who:

  • have moderate to high support needs
  • have an intellectual, psychiatric, physical or sensory disability and are eligible for a service under the NSW Disability Services Act 1993 and are assessed as eligible by ADHC
  • are leaving school (have completed Year 12) or are making a request for entry through early (young people must be over 17 years to commence early in a Transition to Work Program) or late entry processes
  • are not undertaking full time paid employment, full time vocational education or full time higher education
  • are a resident of NSW; or
  • have been approved for a Community Participation Program but wish to take up a Transition to Work Program instead.

Impact of the National Disability Insurance Scheme on the program

The NSW Government is committed to a disability system that provides choice and control for people with disability. For this reason, NSW became the first Australian state to sign up to a national roll out of a National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS). An independent national authority, DisabilityCare Australia, has been established under Commonwealth legislation to administer the NDIS. DisabilityCare Australia will progressively roll out in NSW and by 2018 all eligible residents will be covered. ADHC will continue to fund the Transition to Work program in NSW for people in areas not yet covered by the NDIS. Current support arrangements will continue until individuals move across to DisabilityCare Australia. Transition to Work service users do not need to do anything. DisabilityCare Australia staff will meet with individuals to discuss ongoing support needs when they are scheduled to enter the scheme. For more information visit

Joblink Plus currently delivers TTW from our Tamworth office. More information is available by calling our Tamworth office on 02 6764 6666 and speaking with Rochelle Wallace, TTW Program Coordinator.