Work for the Dole Training

Work for the Dole places job seekers into activities where they can gain skills and experience that give back to the community and can help them find a job. Work for the Dole activities often involve the use of machinery and tools which may be potentially hazardous or cause risk.


To ensure that Work for the Dole participants are as safe as possible, a selection of WHS units that are relevant to their activity must be completed from the list below:


Accident Incident Reporting 

An Introduction to WHS

Computer Ergonomics

Drugs and Alcohol

Equal Employment Opportunity

Emergency Evacuation

Eye Safety

Fatigue Management

Fire Prevention

Handheld Power Tools

Harassment and Bullying

Hazard ID and Risk Control

Infection Control

Lifting and Carrying

Machinery Safety

Outdoor Tools

Personal Protective Equipment

Protecting Your Hearing

Skin Cancer

Slips Trips and Falls

The Environment

Working with Ladders


The quiz at the end of each selected unit must be printed and signed by the job seeker, and will form part of their Work for the Dole induction.