Certificate III in Aboriginal-site Work


The qualification enables individuals to complete a core set of Aboriginal cultural competencies under recognised, appropriate cultural supervision and then to undertake work associated with inspecting, documenting and maintaining Aboriginal cultural and heritage sites.

The qualification is designed to reflect the role of individuals who work on Country and who perform a range of skilled tasks in relation to Aboriginal cultural landscapes which include discrete Aboriginal cultural sites. The qualification provides for Aboriginal-sites workers using discretion and judgement, and who have the ability to select, adapt and transfer skills to different situations.


Job Roles

Job roles and titles vary across different industry sectors. Possible job titles relevant to this qualification include:

  • Rangers (Federal National Parks)
  • Sites Officers (Aboriginal Land Councils)
  • Aboriginal Development Officers (Catchment Management Authorities)
  • Mining and Environmental Assessment Officers
  • Cultural Heritage Officers and consultants
  • Culture and Heritage Officers (National Parks)
  • Field Workers (NSW National Parks and Wildlife)
  • Aboriginal Tour Guides

(Sourced from Training.gov.au/Training/Details/AHC32513)

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