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It’s been an eventful season for Midnight Basketball in Tamworth.
Since the competition began on February 2, the players have been involved in a number of activities and workshops which has seen an increase in numbers each Saturday night.
A particular highlight was a recent visit from Newcastle Knights players Timana Tahu, Tyrone Roberts, Dane Gagai, Peter Mata'utia and Adrian Davis.
Bianca Berry, Midnight Basketball tournament manager Ray Berry, Timana Tahu and Jalamari Knox.
Around 70 Midnight Basketball kids were lucky enough to get photos with the players and merchandise signed when the Knights were in town for a pre-season game.
Joblink Plus community partnership officer and Midnight Basketball volunteer Marg Hombsch said the workshops and activities held over the past five weeks have helped engage kids and retain numbers.
“They have had two workshops with physio and medical students from the University of Newcastle focusing on first aid and injury prevention and management.
“As well as that they had a hip hop workshop and the meet and greet with the Newcastle Knights.
“The kids just couldn’t get enough of the Knights players, it was a great night for them, shooting hoops and defending with the Knights,” Marg said.
The Knights also spoke to the group about a number of issues including the importance of education, working as a team and cooperation and trust in team sport.
The Midnight Basketball program aims to provide fun competition for youths aged 12 to 18 years during ‘high crime’ time on Saturday nights.
The Midnight Basketball season in Tamworth will finish on March 22.
Each Saturday night during the tournament includes a hot, nutritious dinner followed by a compulsory life skills workshop before the game gets underway.
Joblink Plus recognises Midnight Basketball as a natural catalyst for breaking down barriers, meeting new people and building trust and continues to support the program in the Tamworth community.
To play or become a Midnight Basketball volunteer visit or contact Marg Hombsch on 6764 6666.




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