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Stream Services
Job Services Australia is the new one-stop shop for job seekers, and replaces previous employment services, such as Job Network. Job Services Australia will give you the level of support you need to help you find and keep a job. Joblink Plus (a Job Services Australia Provider) will work with you to determine your goals, current skills and any additional training or support you may need to help you get and keep a job.
At your first meeting with Centrelink or Joblink Plus, they will determine the level of help you are eligible to receive and place you into one of four streams of support.
From this point on, your Joblink Plus will work with you to develop an Employment Pathway Plan, detailing how they can help you get work. If your circumstances change and you need more help, you can discuss this with your Job Services Australia provider and if necessary move into a stream that offers a higher level of assistance.

Stream 1

You will get assistance that is suited to your particular needs and takes account of your circumstances.
All job seekers are entitled to:
• help with creating or refining your résumé
• access to, and help with, job search facilities
• an assessment of your current skills
• access to training
• regular face-to-face meetings with your Job Services Australia provider
• regular reviews of your circumstances, to make sure you are getting the assistance you need

If you are fully eligible for stream 1 services, you may also be able to access work experience programs.

Streams 2, 3 and 4

Depending on your initial assessment with Centrelink or Joblink Plus, you can move straight into stream 2, 3 or 4. If, however, you were initially placed in a lower stream and your circumstances change, you can discuss this with Joblink Plus

It is important to note that if your circumstances do change, disclosing additional needs will not remove or interrupt your access to employment services, force you to change Job Services Australia providers or place you on a long waiting list as may have been the case under the previous system. Job Services Australia’s one-stop shop approach to employment services is flexible, responsive and designed to provide you with tailored services and support.

In streams 2, 3 and 4 you will get more intensive services, aimed at helping you with whatever may be stopping you from getting work. Joblink Plus will make sure that these services match your particular needs and circumstances.

Key components of the stream services

Employment Pathway Plan

Regardless of which stream service you are in, Joblink Plus will work with you to create an Employment Pathway Plan (EPP) that is tailored to your individual needs. This plan will set out the services and training that will help you find and keep a job.

This may include help to:
• search for jobs
• access work experience opportunities
• gain new skills or qualifications
• overcome other barriers to employment.
Centrelink may complete an initial EPP for stream 1 job seekers, which Joblink Plus can update later, based on your individual circumstances. Joblink Plus will negotiate EPPs with streams 2, 3 and 4 job seekers in their initial interviews.
Joblink Plus will regularly update your EPP as your needs change, and will also give you a copy of your plan for your reference.

Employment Pathway Fund

The Employment Pathway Fund (EPF) is a flexible pool of funds available to Job Services Australia providers like Joblink Plus to purchase a broad range of assistance to help you get the right training and other support to help you find and keep a job. The fund is designed to enable optimum flexibility so that each eligible job seeker receives assistance based on their individual needs and their barriers to employment. So the more help you need, the more help you get.
Some of the types of assistance which may be purchased for you under the EPF could include, but is not limited to:
training courses
• work related clothing and safety equipment
• short term travel costs
• relocation costs to commence in employment
• other personal support services.
Joblink Plus will consider your needs and the needs of the other job seekers that are receiving services from them.

Talk to Joblink Plus to discuss the best options for you.
Joblink Plus offers job seekers professional, friendly services on an individual basis.






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