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If you are part of the local business community you have access to an additional free resource that can provide you with assistance and advice when hiring staff. Our recruitment consultants possess extensive experience in the field of personnel recruitment.

Employers can utilize this expertise when looking for staff, as Joblink Plus can organise advertising for the position, screen applicants according to individual business requirements, plus conduct interviews at your premises, or on site or at Joblink Plus’ interview facilities.

The service is free and available to any business.

All our recruitment consultant’s have an in-depth knowledge of the various financial assistance packages that are available to employers.  Many of the jobseekers that Joblink Plus are helping to re-enter the workforce qualify for employer subsidies.

These incentives may include wage subsides, training or apprenticeship incentives, personal support for six months, plus assistance with completing forms and meeting regulatory requirements.

Employer services provided by Joblink Plus also include up-to-date labour market information and assistance with planning your future labour requirements.

Despite the labour shortages faced by rural communities, Joblink Plus was able to provide a depth of applicants to fill the seasonal positions at Australian Classing Services. Overall, I was very impressed with the service provided by them and I view the organisation as a valuable business partner now and in the future.” - Peter Bunce, General Manager, Australian Classing Services.

The Joblink Plus Community Training Centre.

Approximately two years ago, Joblink Plus identified the need in Tamworth for a training facility that was flexible and functional, with facilities dedicated to providing effective training in an encouraging and nurturing environment.
Joblink Plus received funding under the Australian Government’s Investing in Community Education and Training element of the 'Teaching and Learning Capital Fund for Vocational Education and Training Program'. This has enabled us to make this vision a reality and develop a community asset that is owned by the community, for the community.

As a result, we have fully refurbished a two story, 1,800sqm disused warehouse into a state-of -the-art training centre named the Esther Halliday Community Training Centre in honour of Esther's contribution to our organisation and the broader community over many years of dedicated service.  While offering functional space for training courses to be conducted in Tamworth, the centre also provides an administration hub for our training services to Western NSW and the Hunter, allowing Joblink Plus to develop appropriate training options to all the areas we service. 

Our ethos is to deliver personalised training within a whole-of-life approach; by identifying, acknowledging and addressing the multitude of factors that may affect a student's studies, therefore providing them with the best opportunity to succeed.

We currently deliver training across many disciplines, which include but are not limited to;

  • Certificates III and IV in Aged Care.
  • Certificates III and IV in Disability Services.
  • Certificates II, III and IV in Community Services.
  • Certificates II and III in Hospitality.
  • Certificates II and III in Retail Operations.
  • Certificates II,III and IV in Business
  • Certificate III in Business Administration
  • Certificate IV in Frontline Management
  • Certificate III in Children's Services
  • Certificate III and IV in Employment Services.

     Joblink Plus Training also have a number of short courses available. Our current short courses on offer include:
  • Safe Food Handling
  • RSA ( Responsible Service of Alcohol )
  • RCG ( Responsible Conduct of Gaming )
  • RSA/RCG/ Safe Food Handling combined
  • First Aid and
  • Basic Computers
  • Coffee Basics
  • Introduction to Hospitality
  • Introduction to Retail
  • Introduction to Community Services
  • Introduction to Aged Care
  • Work Ready
  • Food Safety Supervisor

If you would like more information on any of the courses we have to offer, contact our Training Department on 02 6764 6858 or click the link to our Joblink Plus Training Website on the right hand side of this page.

Joblink Plus Community Training Centre project is funded by the Australian Government through the Teaching and Learning Capital Fund (TLCF) for Vocational Education and Training (VET).




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