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For many, re-connecting with society is not as simple as finding work and ‘getting on with it’. There are many pressures that people face.


Everyone’s story is different, and each person has issues that vary from low self-esteem, abuse, physical limitations or cultural barriers.

Joblink Plus provides non-judgemental support for all members of the community who require it.

For the past 10 years Jane* had been working as a prostitute in Kings Cross. Her employer introduced her to heroin and used intimidation and abuse to keep her working. Jane was a shell of a person, being abused mentally and physically with only drugs temporarily numbing her pain. One day Jane had a moment of clarity. She boarded a train and returned to her home town.
Scared and traumatised from the events of the past 10 years, she turned to Joblink Plus for help. Jane was in constant fear of her employer finding her and taking her back to Sydney. We ensured that she had stable accommodation prior to dedicating the time to work through her issues and providing the personal support she needed. We personally helped Jane through her drug rehabilitation process and following, rebuild the pieces of her life.
Jane’s doing well. She still has a way to go and of course sometimes there are a couple of backward steps before a forward one, but she now has stable accommodation, a positive social network, and most importantly, the self-belief to create a healthier future for herself.”

– Karen, Joblink Plus employee

*name has been changed.



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