Paying it Forward - The True Value of Support and Training

With four years experience as a Job Placement Consultant under her belt, Ruby Duncan had a very clear idea of the challenges new recruits faced in starting a new role in employment services. In an industry that is hard pressed to find the resources for on-the-job training and support, Joblink Plus is forging ahead with a new program to help staff succeed.


Ruby, Joblink Plus Front Line Training Coordinator, is dedicated to giving training and support for new starters throughout the organisation. New staff are at their most vulnerable in their first three months, the learning curve is steep and detailed, and dealing with people comes with its own unique set of demands. Ruby’s natural drive to help others has made her the perfect fit for role. The unique training program is designed for maximum effect and offers multiple avenues of training. From the new starters first day, Ruby is in contact with them, giving one-on-one instruction, guidance and support. As training progresses she hosts calls, video conferences and regular catch ups. Keeping in constant contact with her trainees and their managers, Ruby develops a personal training plan to suit each new starter, and the environment they are working in.


“People coming into the industry, or organisation, are no longer left feeling overwhelmed, as now rather than being thrown in at the deep end, they come in and are provided with all the training, tools and documentation needed to do the job confidently and effectively, giving them the best opportunity to help their job seekers and make a difference in their community.” said Ruby.


Joblink Plus new starters are trained on everything from department systems to effective case management and employer engagement.


The results are speaking for themselves - morale amongst new staff is at a record high, a sense of confidence is growing in new staff to believe in their own ability to help others grow and develop, and most of all, a greater understanding of the direct impact they are making on the lives of their job seekers. 


Karen King from the Wallsend office in Newcastle is testament to the success of the program. Karen has been with Joblink Plus for just under three months and she is already placing job seekers across a range of programs and activities from Work For the Dole through to full time employment.  Karen came to us with vast skills but without any industry or employment services experience.  Starting from a very clean slate can be difficult, but the training and support program has enabled her to exceed her goals. Having someone supporting her while she learned the intricate systems and guidelines of Employment Services allowed her to focus strategically on her job seekers while functioning independently in the role.


“Karen is well equipped to deal with challenges, because she is well prepared, confident in her knowledge and has a sound understanding of the processes that are in place to enable her to do her best work.” said Ruby.


It was Karen’s own experience with Joblink Plus that inspired her to work in the community sector. In her darkest hour, she got the help she needed, and she wanted an opportunity to do the same for others.


When asked about her experience with Joblink Plus so far, Karen said “The training was so good.  My manager was away for the first week but Ruby came in to support me as soon as I started. It was a great way to learn and then immediately apply that knowledge. I went further than I thought I could - I really didn’t think I could do it, but I could. Ruby offering support and reinforcing the learning post work was the key.”


Within her first three months, Karen is really proud that she is making a difference in peoples’ lives. Just recently a client who was demotivated and lacking confidence came to her for help. Seeing how much he had to offer to a workplace, she worked with him on recognising his own skills and values. Wanting to be an electrical apprentice, he participated in a Work for the Dole activity in Construction. Dedicated, respectful and reliable, he fast earned a positive reputation on-site and established his first ever referee, which led him to his first job as a Trade Assistant to an Electrician.


By focusing on positives and opportunities, Karen brought huge change into her client’s life. It is an impact that she feels she would not have been able to have, if it wasn’t for the support and training she received so early on in the job.


As Ruby continues to develop our trainees, and help build rewarding careers for our staff, the flow on effect for our job seekers will continue to shine.


Thank you Ruby and congratulations Karen.