Terms of Use

Joblink Plus Public Computer Usage Disclaimer - Terms & Conditions
Joblink Plus is not responsible for material viewed or downloaded by users from the Internet. Users are cautioned that Internet sites may include offensive, sexually explicit and inappropriate material. In addition, having an email address on the Internet may lead to receipt of unsolicited email containing offensive content. Users accessing the Internet do so at their own risk.

Joblink Plus cannot guarantee the authority, accuracy, standard or quality of the information retrieved onto the computer from the Internet.
Joblink Plus is not responsible for security on the Internet. Users are advised that third parties may be able to obtain information regarding users’ activities.

Use of facilities
There will be no misuse of the Internet computer (including tampering with equipment and settings or knowingly spreading computer viruses).
A 30 minute time limit applies to the use of the Internet so as to ensure all members of the public have equal opportunity to access the Internet services.

Accessing the Internet
Parents or legal guardians must assume responsibility for information selected and accessed through the Internet by children under 18 years.

Computer Use Policy
Users shall not engage in any illegal activities including cracking, probing, or analysing security systems or breaching any laws or regulations. Internet users are responsible for complying with all copyright, censorship and other relevant laws and regulations when accessing, sending information and/or printing information from the Internet. Material displayed during the Internet sessions must be acceptable for viewing in a public area. Deliberate access and display of pornographic and/or sexually explicit material or other material which may be offensive to members of the public is prohibited.

Sending emails
Users shall ensure they do not send: Emails or post messages which are unlawful, obscene, vilifying, or contain libellous content. Unsolicited advertisements (“Spam”), chain letters or similar e-mails. Large numbers of email to one address with the purpose of interfering with the use of that address.

Users' Responsibility
It will be the user’s responsibility to ensure that they abide by this code of conduct. Any breach of this code may result in loss of Internet access privileges.

Antivirus / Firewall
The computer/network will take any action necessary to protect Joblink Plus from any threats, including but not limited to; threat detection & removal, denial to files and/or websites.

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