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Committed community approach recognised for Joblink Plus  

Joblink Plus, a for-purpose, not-for-profit organisation will continue to deliver employment and training support services to more than 100 communities across New South Wales.  

As part of the Workforce Australia suite of programs tender results announced by the Federal Government, Joblink Plus will deliver services to 80 communities across four Employment Regions resulting in a Workforce Australia active caseload increase of 20%. 

Joblink Plus CEO Christine Shewry welcomed the announcement as an opportunity to reaffirm and further its commitment to ‘Close the Gap’ for Indigenous Australians and work alongside grassroots community organisations.  

“With the Workforce Australia announcement comes an enormous responsibility we are well prepared for. The Joblink Plus team of community-focused local consultants are representative of the people we serve, with around 30% of staff identifying as Indigenous. 

“As an organisation, we consider all decisions, commitments and strategies through the frameworks of Trauma Informed Practice, Ethics and Reconciliation” Ms Shewry said. 

Joblink Plus Board Chair David Green recognised the work of the Joblink Plus team in relation to the Workforce Australia tender results. 

“Joblink Plus’ long-standing and experienced leadership team and dedicated frontline staff are committed to ongoing and expanding delivery of meaningful outcomes for local individuals, families and communities” Mr Green said. 

From 1 July 2022 at commencement of the new Workforce Australia contract, Joblink Plus will continue to strive for excellence in the delivery of training and education leading to sustainable employment for Indigenous communities, the long term unemployed, young people and parents. In addition, Joblink Plus is proud to deliver Disability Employment Services and National Disability Insurance Scheme services.

Joblink Plus is proud to partner with many organisations including, but not limited to:

Mayfield Scout Hall's Story

26th January 2024

We speak to Clinton about the Work for the Dole project being undertaken at the Mayfield Scout Hall.

Vicky's Story

19th January 2024

"and it puts a smile on my face knowing that I can go home. that I've done, just that little bit of good for somebody". Check out Vicky's story!

Cassandra's Story

12th January 2024

We catch up with Cassandra who talks to us about her job with the Albion Hotel in Singleton.

Violet's Story

2nd January 2024

Under 17 years old and looking for something to do these school holidays? There's still time to enter the Joblink Plus 2024 First Nations Art Competition! 🖤💛❤️🎨 💲 Win up to $400 prize money in the youth section (11-17 yrs.) and up to $250 in the children's section (10 yrs and under). You also have the chance to sell your artwork and earn a bit of extra pocket money! 💲

Joblink Plus 2023 Year in Review

2nd January 2024

In 2023 incredible things were accomplished. Let's take a moment to appreciate what we have achieved together.

It Gets Better

22nd December 2023

"If I could go back in time and tell my younger self anything, it would be like, hold your head up. Life gets better". Check out Brandilee's Story!

Brandilee's Story

15th December 2023

We catch up with Brandilee who talks to us about her job as a body piercer at Skinkandy.

Dion's Story

2nd December 2023

“Sometimes walking through that door, sometimes I can feel like I’ve been blessed”. Check out Dion’s story!

Farewell to Director Alison Hamilton after 16 years of service

24th November 2023

It is with gratitude and sincere appreciation that we announce the retirement of Alison Hamilton from the Joblink Plus Board.

Alison officially retired at the Annual General Meeting on Thursday 23 November 2023 having served as a Director for 16 years, providing insight, wisdom, care and compassion for the communities we serve. As principal of Hancock’s Chartered Accountants Alison brought her specialist knowledge of small business, agriculture enterprise accounting and taxation to the Board. Joblink Plus has undergone significant growth and change in the time of Alison's tenure, and her experience and organisational knowledge has been invaluable.

On behalf of the Board and the entire organisation, we would like to thank Alison for her contribution and wish her the very best for all future endeavours.

Haley's Story

24th November 2023

“If you do something you love, technically, you’re never working a day in your life”. Check out Haley’s Story! For enquiries regarding Joblink Plus and NDIS supports please contact us on 1800 695 625 and ask for one of our specialist NDIS consultants.

Eliza's Story

20th November 2023

We catch up with Childcare Worker Eliza, who talks to us about her experience studying her Certificate III in Early Childhood Education and Care.

Branxton Greta Mens Shed

14th November 2023

"They can open up and talk about their problems and not bottle it up". Leading up to International Mens Day on Sunday 19th November, we talk to Dick Wesseling about the Branxton-Greta Mens Shed, it’s place in the community, and it’s involvement with the Work for the Dole Program.

Putting Yourself on the List

19th October 2023

“and it’s often still the culture of women that we look after other people and we put ourselves last”. Anna Bardsley from GHLEE (Gambling Harm Lived Experience Experts) talks to us about the importance of putting ourselves on our own list. Joblink Plus is proud to support GHLEE, a new initiative providing grass roots support to individuals and organisations speaking out for gambling reform.

How Gambling Harms Communities

18th October 2023

"Gambling harms communities. It harms people, families. It harms towns and cities and the whole country. We are all affected by it". Listen to Anna Bardsley from GHLEE (Gambling Harm Lived Experienced Experts) and learn how to take action. Joblink Plus is proud to support GHLEE, a new initiative providing grass roots support to individuals and organisations speaking out for gambling reform.

Who are the new targets?

17th October 2023

"Anybody who’s got any money or potential money is a target. They’re also after our children". Anna Bardsley from GHLEE (Gambling Harm Lived Experience Experts) talks to us about the new targets of the gambling industry. Joblink Plus is proud to support GHLEE, a new initiative providing grass roots support to individuals and organisations speaking out for gambling reform.

Anna's Story

16th October 2023

“It wasn’t something that I just flipped a switch and it was done”. Anna, a retired businesswoman, mother, and Grandmother, talks to us about her seemingly harmless introduction to poker machines and how it led to 10 years of experiencing gambling harm. Joblink Plus is proud to support GHLEE (Gambling Harm Lived Experience Experts), a new initiative providing grass roots support to individuals and organisations speaking out for gambling reform.

Anna's Story

6th October 2023

We catch up with Anna who talks to us about her job with Cooinda Aged Care.

Thomas's Story

29th September 2023

We catch up with Thomas who talks to us about his job as a First Year Motorcycle Apprentice with Work Rest Play Here in Dubbo.

Joblink Plus First Nations Art Competition 2024 Launch

22nd September 2023

ENTRIES OPEN NOW! The Joblink Plus First Nations Art Competition is open to First Nations people who reside in NSW. 🖤💛❤️ It's time to start creating your artworks - entries close on 19th April 2024 and there's a prize pool of over $17,000 to be won! https://www.joblinkplus.com.au/community/first-nations-art-competition/

Caitlin's Story

15th September 2023

We catch up with Caitlin who talks to us about her job at Work Rest Play Here in Dubbo.

Destiny's Story

8th September 2023

"It feels good getting involved with one another. There's more to people than you see". Check out Destiny's Story!

Cameron's Story

1st September 2023

"The hard choices in life lead to a good life. The easy choices lead to an uneasy life. So when the going gets tough just stick through it". Check out Cameron's Story!

Kyle and Lachlan's Story

25th August 2023

We caught up with Kyle and Lachlan who work at 'Taste of the Country' in Pokolbin. Check out their story!

The Deck Cafe's Story

21st August 2023

"It's a great enterprise and it's a great thing for the community but it's also a great thing for training our youth". We recently caught up with the team from The Deck Cafe as they prepared to cater for the NSW Bush Summit.

Jacob's Story

18th August 2023

We caught up with Jacob who talked to us about his job at Rudy's Rotisserie in Glendale.

Eli's Story

11th August 2023

We caught up with Eli from Wallsend who talks to us about his job at Active Cleaning.

Tenzin's Story

4th August 2023

"Any movement forward is better than nothing. It really is like if you're moving forward, you're winning". Check out Tenzin's story!

Dale's Story

28th July 2023

We catch up with Dale who talks to us about his job at Burger Urge in Maitland.

Caleb's Story

28th July 2023

We caught up with Caleb before the start of his first day in an IT Traineeship with Hunter Water.

Paul and Sarah's Story

21st July 2023

We catch up with Paul and Sarah who talk to us about their jobs at Taj Tandoori Indian Restaurant in Nelson Bay.

Melinda's Story

14th July 2023

We catch up with Melinda who talks to us about her job at Burger Chef in Singleton.

Shelby's Story

7th July 2023

We catch up with Shelby who talks to us about her job at Port Stephens Koala Sanctuary.

Neil's Story

30th June 2023

The Wood Oven in Nelson Bay has been a long-term supporter of Joblink Plus by providing sustainable & on-going employment opportunities to job seekers within the local area. As an employer they understand that meaningful work changes lives, and they connect with the local community to achieve this. The Wood Oven is located at Shop 19/8 Teramby Rd, Nelson Bay and can be contacted on (02) 4984 4800. In September last year they employed Neil, a participant in our Disability Employment Services program. Check out his story!

Ace Recycling's Story

23rd June 2023

Ace Recycling Newcastle has been a long-term supporter of Joblink Plus by providing sustainable & on-going employment opportunities to job seekers within the local area. As an employer they understand that meaningful work changes lives, and they connect with the local community to achieve this. Ace Recycling Newcastle is located at 24 Heather St, Heatherbrae and can be contacted on (02) 9728 1968. Check out their story!

Trent's Story

16th June 2023

We catch up with Trent from Singleton who talks to us about his job as a Mushroom Picker.

Ben's Story

9th June 2023

We catch up with Ben who talks to us about his job with Imagine Cruises in Nelson Bay.

Thomas's Story

2nd June 2023

"When we embrace our culture, and when we dive into who we are as individuals and as Mob we actually become stronger because it's who we are". Check out Thomas's Story!

Tyler's Story

31st May 2023

We catch up with Tyler who talks to us about his job with the Wellington Post Office.

Nathan's Story

19th May 2023

We catch up with Nathan who talks to us about his job with H-E Parts International.

Panagiotis's Story

12th May 2023

"I can save and my goals are I want to get over to Greece and see my relatives which I haven't seen for 42 years" Check out Panagiotis's Story.

Melody and Calvary's Story

5th May 2023

Melody has commenced a Certificate III Individual Support traineeship with Calvary. Check out her story.

Cessnock Work for the Dole Project - Spirit of Giving 'Outreach Hub'

20th April 2023

We speak to Paul, Michael, Robert and Helen about the Work for the Dole project currently being undertaken at the Spirit of Giving 'Outreach Hub' for the disadvantaged and homeless in Cessnock.

Wallsend Manor's Story

10th March 2023

We catch up with Vanessa and Ashmat before the start of their first day as trainees with Wallsend Manor.

Glenn's Story

3rd March 2023

"Don't be ashamed to put your hand out and ask for help". Check out Glenn's story!

Mikaela's Story

24th February 2023

"This job I feel like I have more of an impact on people's lives every day". Check out Mikaela's Story.

Corey's Story

17th February 2023

"Work is something where I can put my best foot forward every day". Check out Corey's Story.

Tyrese's Story

10th February 2023

"I enjoy getting out of bed every day, getting up for work". Tyrese talks to us about his work at the Wellington Aboriginal Health Service with Quit B Fit.

Adeline's Story

Jaime's Story

25th January 2023

"So the aim of this job is to find out where people are slipping through the cracks in community, bolstering community projects that will actually help people here". Check out Jaime's story.

Adeline's Story

20th January 2023

Adeline talks to us about her journey into employment with Bamara.

The Deck's 1st Birthday

22nd December 2022

🎂🛹HAPPY 1st BIRTHDAY TO THE DECK!! 🎈🎉 It has been a pleasure to provide young people with experience and opportunities in the hospitality industry over the past year. We are proud to partner with Tamworth Regional Council and Kevin Anderson MP on this initiative.

James' Story

8th December 2022

"Think positive and hopefully positive things come towards you". Check out James' Story.

Matthew's Story

1st December 2022

We catch up with Matthew who talks to us about his job with Worn Out Wares.

Jennifer's Story

24th November 2022

We catch up with Jennifer who talks to us about her job as a support worker with East Coast Support Solutions.

Lyn's Story

17th November 2022

"It's a dream job. I wish I'd had got it when I was 15". Check out Lyn's Story.

Adrian's Story

10th November 2022

Adrian talks to us about his journey into employment as an apprentice with 2340 Barber Shop.

Jason's Story

3rd November 2022

"When you finally get a job, a good job, everything sort of falls into place. Better health, better home life". Check out Jason's story.

Donna's Story

27th October 2022

Donna talks to us about her journey into employment with Raymond Terrace Cleaning Service.

South Tamworth Milestones Story

20th October 2022

"...with such nice community and lovely ladies here, I just felt like home"."...with such nice community and lovely ladies here, I just felt like home". Check out Milestones Early Learning South Tamworth's Story.

Byron's Story

13th October 2022

"Well, if school isn't generally helping you at all, try and see what you like in life, as in job wise". Check out Byron's Story.

Tammy's Story

6th October 2022

"Even if you've got kids, and you think you can't do it. If it's something you're really passionate about, you'll find a way". Tammy talks to us about her work at 2340 Barber Shop - A Joblink Plus Social Enterprise.

Sivan's Story

30th September 2022

"... you deserve to live better, get help". Sivan talks to us about the positive impacts of meaningful employment and a safe workplace.

Daniel's Story

22nd September 2022

"Not everybody's perfect for the first week, but if you spend the time most people will come to the party with a job and learn". Check out Daniel's Story!

Kimberley's Story

15th September 2022

"Just get back out there, like it is daunting, it is scary but it's rewarding as well". Check out Kimberley's story!

Sharyn's Story

8th September 2022

"I feel like I'm more confident, it's like my dream and it's come true". Check out Sharyn's story!

Poultry Hub

1st September 2022

Considering working in the poultry industry? Poultry Hub Australia's Job Ready Training Program prepares participants for work on a 🐔🥚 chicken farm.

Tayla's Story

26th August 2022

"In the beginning, it's really hard to actually accept the help. But once you do, your life gets on track really fast" . Check out Tayla's Story.

Hollee and Casey's Story

19th August 2022

We catch up with Hollee and Casey who talk to us about their work at Hunter Laundry & Dry Cleaning in Branxton.

Julie's Story

12th August 2022

"Stepping out into the big world again. It was a big thing". Julie talks to us about her new job at Singleton Diggers.

Justin's Story

5th August 2022

"Yeah, happier person, happier days, always". Justin talks to us about his experiences on the journey to employment.

Anne's Story

29th July 2022

"I come in and I'm bubbly from the time I start to the time I leave and sometimes I don't want to go".

Check out Anne's story.

Forbes Dreaming Centre's Story

15th July 2022

We talk to Aunty Aileen and the Work for the Dole Crew at the Forbes Dreaming Centre about rebuilding after the floods.

Ray's story

24th June 2022

Ray talks to us about his journey to employment.

Jess and Tracey's story

17th June 2022

'Mentally I'm a lot more stable knowing that I've got things to do' Jess and Tracey are two inspirational women who open up about their financial struggles, mental health and their positive experiences working with WorkControl.

Outside the Square Cafe's Story

10th June 2022

We caught up with Bruno & Lois from Outside the Square Cafe to talk about the business and the freedoms which employment brings.

Natasha's Story

3rd June 2022

"Anything is possible when you put your mind to it!" Natasha talks to us about her experiences on the path to employment.

The Riverside

27th May 2022

'It's a magic thing to do, you can change peoples lives.' The team at The Riverside open up about their experiences and their commitment to teaching the next generation of chefs.

Michael's Story

20th May 2022

"My favourite thing about working is just you get time for yourself". Watch to find out more about Michaels story, and the positive impact employment has had on his life.

Christine's Story

13th May 2022

Christine catches up with us to talk about the positive impact that a new job has had on her life.

Survivor's R Us' Story

31st March 2022

We’re grateful for the incredible job Survivor's R Us do to support people in the Newcastle area affected by domestic violence, homelessness, and unemployment. Click here to find out more.

Maree's Journey

24th March 2022

Artist Maree Bisby talks to us about her artistic journey and her connection to culture.

Nick's Story

18th February 2022

Nick talks to us about his journey into employment with Uniting Care.

Tillii's Story

11th February 2022

Tillii talks to us about the isolation of being a single stay at home parent caring for a child with special needs and her own personal journey into employment.

Ahmad's Story

4th February 2022

Ahmad talks to us about leaving Syria, coming to Australia with his family, and starting up his own business.

يتحدث إلينا أحمد عن مغادرته سوريا ، والقدوم إلى أستراليا مع أسرته ، وبدء عمله الخاص.

Robert's Story

9th December 2021

We caught up with Robert who talked about his job as a security guard and his struggles with Mental Health.

Hunter Kid's Story

8th December 2021

We recently talked to Hunter Kid's, a small business providing out of Hours School Care prepared to give employment opportunities to anyone willing to have a go.

Grant's Story

7th December 2021

We catch up with Grant who talks to us about his new job and passion for driving.

Rex's Story

6th December 2021

We catch up with Rex at Kurri Kurri Aquatic and Fitness Centre.

APlus Care4All's Story

3rd December 2021

We recently talked to APlus Care4All, a small business operating out of the Hunter region in NSW. They employ and provide support for those living with disabilities.

Jenna's Story

12th November 2021

Jenna talks to us about stepping out of her comfort zone and into a new industry fabricating metal with Arrowquip.

Thomas and Patrick's Story

22nd October 2021

Thomas and Patrick recently talked to us about their jobs with Bakers Delight in Tamworth.

Mental Health Month 2021

15th October 2021

“I encourage kids, not just kids but adults to go back. It’s a whole new mentality as well”.
Join us as we #TuneIn this #mentalhealthmonth with Uncle Mark Atkins.

Adam's Story

1st October 2021

Adam talks to us about his job at Southern Star Windows in Cooranbong.

Saad and Chris' Story

8th October 2021

Saad and Chris recently talked to us about their jobs at the Costa Tomato Farm in Guyra.

Adam's Story

1st October 2021

Adam talks to us about his job at Southern Star Windows in Cooranbong.

Halima's Story

24th September 2021

Halima recently talked to us about coming to Australia as a refugee from the Congo with her family, and her journey into employment as a Care Assistant with Anglican Care.

Adrian's Story

17th September 2021

Adrian talks to us about his job at Wash-It Hand Car Wash in Toronto.

Phoebe's Story

10th September 2021

Phoebe talks to us about her journey into employment with Taste of The Country in the Hunter Valley Gardens.

Gunnedah Soup Day

31st August 2021

During Kind July hospitality students from Australian Training Plus and local Joblink Plus staff held a soup day for people in the Gunnedah area. Overall 200 soups and bread rolls were delivered on the day..

Ramzi's Story

27th August 2021

Ramzi recently talked to us about his experience retraining and finding employment after moving to Australia. With the help of Joblink Plus and Central West Driver Training - CWDT Ramzi has found a job that he loves as a bus driver in the Newcastle area.

Australian Training Plus Logo Story

20th August 2021

Tamara Trindall, the artist behind the new Australian Training Plus logo, talks to us about its design and meaning

David's Story

13th August 2021

Recently we spoke to David in Singleton about his job with MRC Australia.

Sam's Story

6th August 2021

Sam recently spoke to us about the benefits of the ParentsNext program. Despite being initially hesitant, the program improved her confidence and assisted her to gain a qualification leading to employment.

Blake's Story

30th July 2021

Blake from Broken Hill talks to us about his job as a delivery driver with TNT Freight.

Karlie's Story

23rd July 2021

Earlier this year Karlie from the Desert Sand Motor Inn talked to us job opportunities in the hospitality industry.

Kelly's Story

16th July 2021

Earlier this year we spoke with Kelly from Broken Hill who talked to us about her dream job at Totally Workwear.

Sophie's Story

9th July 2021

Earlier this year we talked to Sophie from Bathurst about her job as a waitress and her experience with Joblink Plus Training.

Johnson's Contracting

4th July 2021

Steve is a Gamilaraay man from Gunnedah NSW. After struggling to find employment, Steve created his own business providing employment opportunities and mentoring for indigenous youth in the Upper Hunter.

Carter's Auto Salon's Story

18th June 2021

A few months ago, we had a chat to Ricky-Dean . At age 17 he got his start at Carters Auto Salon through Joblink. At age 20 he bought the same business that took him on. Check out where Ricky-Deans journey has taken him.

Kane & Emily's Story

11th June 2021

‘After eighteen months looking for a job then all of a sudden you get a licence and everything. All of it rolled into one big package, I couldn’t have been any happier’. This is Kane and Emily's Story.

Tyesha's Story

4th June 2021

A few weeks ago we had the absolute pleasure of speaking to Tyesha from Service NSW. This is her story.

Youth Homelessness Matters

28th May 2021

'When they come to me, they have no sense of direction, they've got no self-confidence, they're very shy, very scared.' Check out the Youth Homelessness Matters Day that happened in Moree earlier this month. A big thankyou to Crystal from Moree Family Support for her insight on youth homelessness and the event.

Sky's Story

22nd May 2021

Sky talks to us about her work in Traffic Control, her experience with Joblink Plus Training, and obtaining her Truck Licence through Central West Driver Training.

Makayla's Story

9th May 2021

Makayla talks to us about working as a bakehouse assistant with Dawson's Bakery, opening up about her love for the job; working the night shift; and her future plans.

Jon's Story

30 April 2021

After the farm he was working on was hit by drought, Jon obtained his Multi Combination licence through Central West Driver Training in Bathurst and is now happily employed as a driver for O'connells Transport in Oberon.

Ricky's Story

17 April 2021

At 21 years of age, Ricky Mayne is the new owner of Carters Auto Salon in Dubbo. Ricky talks about his employment journey to date, the business, and his future plans.

Affan's Story

15 April 2021

After a career working as a recruiter in Abu Dhabi, and knowing only 2 people in Australia, Affan moved with his family to Darwin before partnering with his cousin to open The Cheesecake Shop franchise in Bathurst.

Anthony's Story

9 April 2021

Anthony talks about his experiences with Joblink Training, his first job, and the personal growth he has experienced as a result of both.

Shawn's Story

15 March 2021

Shawn from Bathurst turned his weekend hobby into a career as an Assistant Baker at The Cheesecake Shop.

Spotlight on ParentsNext in Orange

22 December 2020

Donna from Joblink Plus Training outlines the value of completing a Certificate III in Community Services.

Lexi, is studying her Certificate III in Community Services. Lexi would like to become a Domestic Violence Counsellor.

Adam, is studying his Certificate III in Community Services. Adam would like to become an Employment Consultant.

Sandi, is studying her Certificate III in Community Services while running her own small business. Sandi would like to become a Drug & Alcohol Counsellor for women & children, or assist in a womens refuge.

Kane, is studying his Certificate III in Community Services. Kane would like to become involved in Youth Work.

Sam's Story

26 November 2020

We're tipping our hat to Richard & Brock Gardiner from Ian Rose Automotive Services for giving Husam "Sam", a mechanic from Iraq with 17 years experience, a chance.

Looking to upskill? It all starts here!

17 November 2020

Our 2021 Course Guide showcases a range of short and long courses available across NSW.

Our courses can help individuals connect to meaningful work and offer opportunities for local businesses to grow their team’s skills and potential.

Study options including face to face and online training and are available across the New England North West, Hunter, Far West Orana and Central West regions.

Our training team can tailor courses to meet business needs. Contact us to talk more about upskilling your team with Joblink Plus Training.

The 2021 Course Guide includes the Training Services NSW Summer School especially for Year 12 school leavers. The Summer School offers practical work skills for students to get the best start in their career.

Click to read the new 2020-21 Course Guide Click to read the new 2020-21 Course Guide

Connecting Businesses with Locals

6 November 2020

Those of you with a keen eye may have seen our ad on TV recently.

New Funding for training

13 October 2020

Business owners across the New England are encouraged to seek more information about the JobMaker Hiring Credit announced in this week’s federal budget to grow their business and employment opportunities in their community.

With years of experience, Joblink Plus Training is well-equipped to help business owners navigate the new incentive and the paperwork that comes with it.

Birth Beat founder, Edwina Sharrock believes more local businesses could reap the multiple rewards of hiring a trainee like Mikala Ellis, the winner of the New England Region 2020 NSW Training Awards.

“Mikala is so smart and talented – she’ll be running the show before we know it,” Ms Sharrock said.

“Mikala is a critical part of our scaling start-up, gaining experience and growing her skills every day, across every facet of the business. The perspective she brings is invaluable,” she added.

Joblink Plus have supported Mikala in her traineeship, as well as Edwina in how to approach and manage the process to gain great outcomes for her online business supporting new parents.

While Ms Sharrock was looking for a junior to learn the business from the ground up, Richelle Bukovac, Leader of Joblink Plus Training Apprentice & Traineeship Programs said there are many looking for a change in career and an opportunity to expand their horizons.

“Trainees and apprentices can come from any walk of life and are eager to learn, no matter your business model or industry.”

“Traineeships are a great option for businesses and present a huge opportunity to pass on your skills and industry knowledge to someone keen and ready to work,” Ms Bukovac said.

A traineeship provides an invaluable opportunity for job seekers to find meaningful employment, and for business owners to give something back to the community.

David Green from Belmore Engineering says apprenticeships play an important part in his business along with the support of Joblink Plus.

“We’ve had quite a few apprentices over the years, sometimes coming to us straight from school ready to start their training and develop the skills to set them up for a great career.

“It helps to know the support is there to manage the admin side of things too when you’re juggling all the responsibilities of running your business and putting food on the table for your staff” he added.

Joblink Plus focuses on the individual needs and strengths of people when helping them get ready to work. With an emphasis on the development of pre-employment skills and offering support through all stages of the job placement process, Joblink Plus aims to ensure that young people have a positive experience when entering the workforce.

Statement regarding recent allegations 

08 September 2020

It has been brought to our attention that allegations have been made toward Joblink Plus that we are allocating funds of up to $10,000 for participants to purchase cars.

This is unequivocally false.

Support for participants and job seekers is provided under the strictest regulations and is always authorised and directly approved by the relevant government Department.

Any decision regarding direct support or purchases made on behalf of participants or job seekers does not come from Joblink Plus funds. All spending that assists participants and job seekers to work towards and attain employment comes from government funding and is strictly regulated, monitored, and audited.

As a member of the Tamworth community and communities across NSW, Joblink Plus is committed to upholding our purpose:

We believe in and support all people, connecting them to the dignity and fulfilment
made possible through education and meaningful work.

Joblink Plus has informed the relevant government departments of the allegations made on social media and will continue to keep them fully informed of any further developments.       

Joblink Plus and COVID-19

8 April 2020  Update

The Australian Government Department of Health has released a new web page which explains how people with disability can protect themselves from COVID-19, manage their mental health, and access important services like telehealth and prescription medications. The link can be found here.

The NDIS Commission also has a web page containing COVID-19 information for people with disability. The link can be found here.

26 March 2020  Update

The way we are providing employment services has changed as we continue to stay up to date with the latest information regarding COVID-19 (Coronavirus).
Appointments will now be conducted via telephone or utilising video technology such as Skype or FaceTime on mobile devices.

We recognise that for many people in regional and rural communities our offices are a source of information and support - we love that about our communities! We are still here to support all people, connecting them to the dignity and fulfilment made possible through education and meaningful employment.
If you have an exceptional circumstance and do need to attend your local office strict precautions will be implemented and you must follow instructions around maintaining physical space (social distancing) and personal hygiene (hand washing, tissues, and hand sanitiser for example).

If you would like to discuss these changes and what they might mean for you, please call us on 1800 695 625. We will be making regular updates on our website, via social media, and directly to the people we work with via phone call and SMS. Please follow us on Facebook or Twitter and check back here regularly for details.

Stars of Tamworth 

Last night our Tamworth Stars Sophie and Mat held their charity trivia night to raise funds for the Cancer Council NENW Stars of Tamworth Dance for Cancer event they are participating in this month. 

Serving up success

Congratulations to Amber from Tamworth for completing her Certificate III in Hospitality and gaining full-time employment at Ruby's cafe & gift store after a successful paid work trial. 

NSW Budget - regional perspective

This article from NSW Farmers Federation breaks the NSW Budget 2019/20 down for those of us outside the city. Regional NSW has been handed a large slice of the $93 billion NSW budget pie, which features infrastructure, health and drought support measures as its main ingredients. 

"Working Through It" - new report

Mission Australia have today released their report into economic disadvantage experienced by young people in Australia. It's a concern that nearly one in five (19.4%) economically disadvantaged young people reported feeling they did not have someone they could turn to if they were in trouble or facing a crisis. 

Mornings bite!

Yesterday Joblink Plus and Scone Neighbourhood Resource Centre, with the assistance of Foodbank Australia and Woolworths Scone, launched the Morning Bites breakfast food van. The initiative aims to ensure that no child goes to school hungry, and has so far been a promising success!

New service launched

In a partnership with Housing Plus and SkillSet, we are thrilled to share that we're delivering the Opportunity Pathways Program in Orange, Bathurst, Dubbo and Broken Hill. See the launch on the news here