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With one in four people in Australia living with some form of disability, building a diverse and inclusive workplace also represents a significant opportunity. 

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Disability Employment Services

Disability Employment Services help people with disability find work and keep a job.

Through Disability Employment Services, people with disability, injury or health condition may be able to receive assistance to prepare for, find and keep a job.

At Joblink Plus we'll look at every available option to get you working. Once you have a job, we'll continue to support you and your employer that will help you settle in and keep working. Partnering with local employers and community organisations, Joblink Plus works to create and implement sustainable employment. From facilitating training, activities, and events to creating enterprise opportunities, we commit to working alongside you. We understand the value these opportunities bring to families and individuals. Regional communities thrive on people working together, and so do we.

National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS)

The National Disability Insurance Scheme (NDIS) helps people with a permanent and significant disability that affects their ability to take part in everyday activities. As a registered provider Joblink Plus can help with a wide range of NDIS approved supports including Community Participation, Support Coordination, Specialised Driver Training, Life Skills, Plan Management and of course - Employment.

Joblink Plus will work with you to identify the supports you need to live your life. Supports can help you achieve your goals, including independence, involvement in your community, education, employment, and well-being. The NDIS gives you more choice and control over how, when, and where your supports are provided. Our NDIS specialist consultants will work with you, your family and community partners to get the best results. Working alongside other providers, our focus is achieving the best outcomes for you, and getting you the individual services and assistance you need. We’ll work with you on a plan of assistance, and we’ll continue to support you to develop and grow.

Our COVID-19 Response

The Australian Government Department of Health has released a web page which explains how people with disability can protect themselves from COVID-19, manage their mental health, and access important services like telehealth and prescription medications. The link can be found here.

The NDIS Commission also has a web page containing COVID-19 information for people with disability. The link can be found here.


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